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About Me

A little about Yuki


Hi There! 
Thank you so much for visiting my website!

My name is Yuki, I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago from Japan.  I started my career in the beauty industry 20 years ago as a hair stylist.  I have learned about hair and make up from a very popular hair salon in Tokyo.


For the longest time I wasn't interested in permanent makeup due to how unnatural it looked. But when i saw microblading I was amazed at how natural, real and beautiful it looked.  It became what i wanted to do!  So I decided to extend my career to become a permanent make up artist.  I took a microblading and powdering course at Bio Touch Canada and received my certificate.

I take time to design each client's eyebrows and make sure to pay attention to detail when I create hair-like strokes.  There is a reason why the initial appointment is 2.5 hours long, and I take only 3 clients per day.  I do not rush to do my clients eyebrows. I believe that eyebrows are the most important feature on our face. 

I am truly grateful that I can help enhance clients beauty and confidence and am excited to continue this journey and meet amazing people!



Hope to see you soon!



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